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Trial Design

Given the significant time invested in clinical trials, it's crucial to involve an adept statistical consultant during the design phase to offer suggestions aimed at optimizing the information gathered in your trial.


What We Offer


  • Clinical Trial Design and Development Experience
  • Flexibility Across Multiple Disease States
  • Pre-Clinical through Phase IV/ Post Marketing







We Have Answers


Trial Design

-Is it better to have a parallel group or crossover design?

-What are the benefits of stratification?

-Will my study have issues involving multiple comparisons?

-Can I use an adaptive design?


Objective Development

-Do the endpoints reflect the objective?

-Is my endpoint realistic and is it optimal?

-Do my secondary endpoints support my primary endpoints?


Sample Size Calculations

-How many subjects are needed for the trial? 

-How can I take data looks without taking a p-vaue hit?

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